Louise Thistlethwaite praises Fleetwood organisations

On the campaign trail in Fleetwood, it’s so rewarding meeting and talking to the people who do so much for the town – right across the community.

From our small businesses to the fantastic community initiatives, it’s wonderful to see how the town pulls together

Doing a bit of shopping in the vibrant market, it was great to chat to Steve on his jewellery stall. Steve is one of the many business owners in Fleetwood who just want to get Brexit done and is appalled at the prospect of a hard-Left Labour government.

I also loved chatting to Phil at the wonderful Fleetwood Museum, and to hear about his early working life as a trawlerman.

Up at Fleetwood Town FC, it was inspiring to chat to Matt Hilton about the superb work of the FTFC Community Trust, whose dedicated team does so much to improve the lives of people in this community through sport and exercise.

On December 12th, we have the chance to get Brexit done by voting for a Conservative government committed to leaving the EU on January 31st. I’m proud to support Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal and will work tirelessly to make sure the people of Fleetwood get the Brexit they voted for.

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