About Me


I am a born and bred Lancastrian who has always lived and worked in the North West. Having started my working life in the former Vickers shipyard in Barrow, I moved into local journalism, working for many years as a reporter, sub-editor and deputy editor. Along with being known as a columnist and food reviewer, I also trained and mentored young journalists at the beginning of their careers.

Along with holding two degrees in Law from Lancaster University, I also taught in Lancaster University’s Law Department for eight years, tutoring undergraduates in English and European Legal Systems, and in the Law of Equitable Obligations.

Studying and teaching European and International Law led me to become a dedicated Brexiteer for many years, which can be seen through me writing regularly on the subject in my newspaper column.

I have been a magistrate in the North West for more than 10 years which has fueled my interested in the criminal justice system, penal reform and access to justice. I am a regular fundraiser for the NSPCC and a former school governor. Married for 25 years to Gordon, I currently work as a Cumbria County Council Leadership Support Officer for the Conservative Group.

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