My plan for Lancaster and Fleetwood

Deliver Brexit; no ifs, no buts

Then we can get on with securing a better, brighter future for you, your family and for Lancaster and Fleetwood.

Living Standards

Working to ensure everyone in Lancaster and Fleetwood has access to affordable housing; that our young people are given the education and skills they need; and that we tackle poverty and deprivation, giving help to those who need it the most.

Rural Communities

Helping those who work in agriculture to thrive; making sure our rural communities are well-connected; and tackling social isolation across the generations.

Water Management

Working with government agencies and local councils to ensure Lancaster and Fleetwood’s flood defences are effective; and taking a robust approach to the way our area’s land is used and developed.

Law and Order

Reducing crime and anti-social behaviour across our community. The people of Lancaster and Fleetwood want to feel safe and secure and we will work to ensure we get the extra police officers we need.


Working with health professionals and community groups, we will protect our precious NHS. We will ensure our local health service continues to enable our residents to live healthier lives for longer and to provide the care they need, when they need it.

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